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Follow Disney’s Dory to Morro Bay, CA this Summer!



It’s easy to find the quaint seaside town of Morro Bay, CA and make it the destination of your summer vacation this year, just like Disney’s Dory! Kids and parents alike will be thrilled to discover the original home of the lovable blue tang with short-term memory issues in Disney’s “Finding Dory.” In the movie, Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) remembers that she and her parents (voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy) came from a place called “The Jewel of Morro Bay.” Dory sets out to find her family just in time for summer on June 17 when the movie opens in theaters nationwide. She will soon find that summer is the perfect time for families to explore, unwind, and indulge along the Central Coast in Morro Bay, CA without breaking the bank.

“Morro Bay is one of the few affordable coastal CA destinations where there’s an activity for every family member to enjoy,” explains Brent Haugen, Executive Director, Morro Bay Tourism Bureau. “Not only do we offer abundant unique active and outdoor adventure, we also offer travelers the best in local seafood, produce, wine, cultural activities, special events and shopping no matter what your budget is.”

Dory would approve! Create a custom Morro Bay family experience for one low price with the Morro Bay Adventure Pass! Your family adventure could include a trip to the Museum of Natural History, the Morro Bay Aquarium, a bay cruise, Sub Sea Tour, double kayak rentals (1 hour) and/or a 4-seater surrey rental, plus other Morro Bay adventures. Individual and couple passes are also available. The Morro Bay Adventure Pass offers discounts on bicycle, stand up paddleboard rentals, plus other water and land adventures, including wine tasting, all at one low price. Buy yours online by clicking here.

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