Red Davis BikewayRobert “Red” Davis is Morro Bay’s bike man, and he has the credentials to back it up:  serving as the Chair of the Morro Bay Citizens bike committee, former President of the SLO Bike Club for eight years, and the founding member of Bike SLO County.  He’s often seen around town in his bike uniform – brightly colored lycra topped with a helmet.  Over the years he has come to know the roads in and around Morro Bay from behind the handlebars.  Here are some of his stories about routes you too can try.  Click on the links for the complete articles.  And find more of Red's routes here.   

Atascadero Templeton Loop – 60 miles
“This route begins and ends in Morro Bay and gives you a good workout crossing the Santa Lucia range and investigating north county towns and country. It is rated moderately strenuous for climbing and requires the courage to share the road with motor vehicles in sections where there is no shoulder on Hwy 41.”

Big Red’s Big Ring Century – 100 miles
“Here’s a bike ride that will score you a hundred miles and have you home in time for lunch. It’s all within our county and it’s flat. In fact, if you want to make the ride easier and save some weight, you can take off your small chainring and leave it at home.”

Lime Mountain Bike Ride – 80 miles
“North county winter weather can be cold and dreary or crisp and stimulating, depending a little bit upon your attitude and a little more upon whether you’re pedaling in soggy fog or bright sunshine. An invigorating ride that will test your attitude begins in Morro Bay and climbs a few thousand feet to road’s end on the south side of Lake Nacimiento.”

Bulldogging the Barranca – Mountain Bike Montana De Oro
“A friend told me that some people don’t like to ride mountain bikes in Montaña de Oro because of the expansive soil there. I didn’t know what that meant so I loaded my bike in the truck and drove to Islay Creek Road. This is one of the entry points that bicyclists are allowed to use in the park. I liked it because it was long and level and gave me plenty of time to warm up before tackling that expansive soil.”

For information on where to rent bicycles and more inspiration on where to ride click here.  Or call the Visitor Center at (805) 225-1633.  Book your bike trip today!