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Kravabowl & High Tide Deli

500 Morro Bay Blvd

Morro Bay, CA 93442

(805) 975-7055

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    Kravabowl loves their acai bowls and even more they love acai! It seems the acai berry and acai bowl has been hyped beyond belief lately! Although some have said that acai benefits include burning fat, slowing aging, lowering high cholesterol, and increasing libido. We at Kravabowl just feel that an acai bowl offers the same benefits you get from any food with antioxidants and healthy omega acids, that assist in reducing free radicals and improving ones heart health. Bottom line, acai is a fruit, a powerful one at that and we here at Kravabowl feel everyone could use more acai bowls in their diet! Now also serving sandwiches.