Surf’s up in Morro Bay, where every crashing wave is a new adventure waiting to be caught. Whether you're a seasoned pro, ready to take on the big sets, or a beginner testing out the waters, Morro Bay’s surf scene has something for everyone. Before hitting the waves, swing by town and gear up at Morro Rock Surf Shop, Nautilus Surf Co, or Wavelengths Surf Shop. Get stoked for an epic ride and dive into the vibrant surf culture of one of Claifornia’s most beautiful coastal destinations.

Morro Strand

A person walking on the Morro Strand Beach

Just two miles north of Morro Rock lies Morro Strand, a stunning three-mile stretch of beach, dunes, strand, and wetland communities. With moderate weather and summer days often 30 degrees cooler than inland areas, it's the perfect escape from the heat. Portions of Morro Strand State Beach are protected ro preserve sensitive habitats, making it an ecologically rich spot for surfers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Morro Rock

A surfer at Morro Rock Beach

Morro Rock, an ancient volcano that lay dormant for about 23 million years, boasts a beach with a wide swath of sand and rocky outcroppings. The northern side of the rock has rough waters that make it ideal for seasoned surfers seeking a challenge. During the summer, lifeguards are positioned on the beach, and visitors are advised to check with them before entering the ocean due to its rough nature.

Morro Rock Jetty Beach

People walking on the Morro Rock Jetty Beach

On the south side of Morro Rock, you’ll find Morro Rock Jetty Beach, a favorite spot for local surfers. Known for its big waves and occasional shark sightings, this spot offers a truly thrilling surfing experience. It's a small beach located just inside the jetty that protects the entrance to Morro Bay. Off the beaten path, this spot is perfect for those who want to explore the base of Morro Rock.

Sandspit Beach

Sandspit Beach

Sandspit Beach, located near Montana de Oro State Park, offers miles of pristine dunes that extend into a barrier that protects the bay. Accessible only by water, adventurous surfers can paddle across the protected bay to reach this hidden gem. It’s nothing short of a surfer paradise when conditions are just right, offering ample space to explore, witness the wildlife like sharks and native birds, and enjoy the cool water on warm summer days.

Cayucos Pier

The Cayucos Pier, located near the Cayucos Veterans Hall, is a hot spot for surfers of all skill levels. The iconic pier, standing at 950 ft over the crashing waves, adds a unique charm to Cayucos Beach–making it a destination that captivates all who visit with its captivating beauty. 

Morro Bay is a certified surfers paradise with a wide array of spots to catch some major waves. Wax up your board, paddle out, and get ready to drop in on these epic surfing locations!

Get ready to catch some epic waves, and start planning your trip to Morro Bay's top surfing spots.