Speaking from experience, there’s no better spot to watch the solar eclipse than on the quiet shoreline in Morro Bay. Free from the interference of tall city buildings, the calm coast holds the best stage for the moon’s rare performance. This is truly a photographer’s and sight-seer’s delight.

Plan on being here Monday, August 21st to readily welcome the eclipse at 10:16am PST. At this time, the moon will engulf 66.7% of the sun, then slowly return to its original location by 11:40am. Expect to feel temperatures drop and our shorebirds singing their nighttime songs!

Waking up early on a Monday will be worth it – grab your coffee to-go and head to one of these vantage points for the show of a lifetime:

Panoramic Black Hill:

Just up the driveway of the Morro Bay Golf Course is the entryway to Black Hill trail. Don’t be alarmed – this short hike is perfect for all ages and abilities to enjoy. The top of the trail is worth every step, with a 360-degree view of Estero Bay including Los Osos, Baywood, Morro Bay and some of Cayucos. You will be the closest person to the eclipse in Morro Bay (with the very best view!). Many of our native birds will be close by to join you.

Kayak to the Sandspit:

Perfect for the adventurous souls, the trek to the sandspit is unreachable by foot. Rent a kayak and paddle out to the sand spit for the morning. Hardly touched by human, the sand spit makes for a day of exploration and fun. Don’t be surprised leave with a kayak filled with gorgeous shells, flowers and stones from your visit. And, as the farthest location from town, your solar eclipse experience will show drastic lighting and temperature changes. Be prepared for a memorable escapade!

Beach Brunch Picnic:

Find fun family time eating brunch the Morro Bay way. Pack your breakfast in a picnic basket and head to Morro Strand Beach for a meal with a view. This is the perfect time to play on the beach with lower tides and few beach-goers. With Morro Rock as a backdrop, your eclipse pictures will be beyond Instagram-worthy!

Don’t feel like cooking? You’re lucky Morro Bay has several delicious bakeries to grab some breakfast at. Follow the smell of fresh warm bread, or click HERE to check out some of the best.

SAFETY: Remember, the only safe way to view a solar eclipse is through special-purpose solar filters or eclipse glasses. It is unsafe to view the eclipse from dark sunglasses, camera lenses, binoculars or a telescope. For more information about solar eclipse safety, click HERE.