Did you know that the coast of California is the only place in the continuous United States where you can find wintering monarchs?  They fly thousands of miles every year to reach their winter home; which means it can take up to three generations to complete the entire round-trip journey.  

Learn more about the only known butterfly to migrate twice a year this Saturday, December 15th, at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History starting at 2pm.  You’ll learn about the butterfly’s adaptations and life cycle.  This program is appropriate for ages 5 and up – perfect for the family.  Contact the Museum of Natural History at 805-772-2694 to find out more.

And now is the perfect time to witness the butterfly sites in Morro Bay first hand.  Monarchs are in the area from about October to March, but the end/beginning of the year are when they are most active.

As cold-blooded creatures, monarchs cluster together in trees to stay warm.  This makes for amazing concentrations of butterflies in roosting groves.  Picture it: butterflies in the eucalyptus trees and more gliding overhead between the trees.  It is a mystical experience not to be missed.

Guided tours to the groves are hosted December 22nd, January 5th, January 19th, and February 2nd.  You will get to view the monarchs in their natural habitat.  Free tours start at 11 am and leave from the Morro Bay Golf Course Clubhouse.  Call the Golf Superintendent at 805-781-1318 for additional information.