Can you find these creatures in the tide pools? 

Adventure to the Tide Pools and explore an other-worldly ecosystem filled with unique sea creatures. To find the pools, head North on Highway 1 and turn left at the Yerba Buena stoplight. Find a parking spot and walk down to the beach - the pathway will guide you. 

Check out some of the animals you are sure to see: 

1. Sea Anemones  


FUN FACT: Due to the large polyps that anemones display they are able to consume prey that is much larger than they are. They mainly consume fish as they approach them. They blend in so well with the surroundings that fish and other prey come along and don’t even know they are in danger.

2. Sand Dollars


FUN FACT: It’s hard to believe, but this flat and round-shaped creature is designed for burrowing in the sand. Their bodies are covered with tiny spines that they use to dig. Once they’ve burrowed into a good position sand dollars keep their butt end above the sand’s surface to capture food.

3. Shore Crabs


FUN FACT: A crab’s shell does not grow or stretch. When a grab gets bigger, it must climb out its shell in a process called molting. When a crab molts, a crack forms along the shell and then the crab backs out of it.

4. Mussels


FUN FACT: The mussel’s beard is known as the “byssus.” It is used by the mussel to attach itself to surfaces with the aid of a secreted adhesive cement. Before preparing a mussel for cooking and eating, the byssus should either be cut off or pulled out with a sharp tug then discarded. 

5. Hawks


FUN FACT: Hawks can see colors, like most humans can, as well as those in the ultraviolet range. This means that the hawks can perceive colors that humans cannot see.