Summer is the perfect time to adventure out on the bay with the boat experience of your choice! From private yacht experiences to guided tours, there are so many different ways to explore the bay in style.

Some of The Best Boat Experiences in Morro Bay:

Whale  Watching  ToursWhale Tail

Although sometimes visible from our beaches, a whale watching tour is the best way to experience these giants. Depending on the time of year there are beautiful humpback, grey, and blue whales migrating through the area, and with a whale watching tour, you are able to get some of the best views. In addition to getting an up-close view of the magnificent whales, you may also be able to spot more local wildlife such as dolphins and sea otters. There are many local companies that offer whale watching tours and range in duration. For more information on tours, please visit HERE

Electric  Boat  Rentalselectric boat- Estero Inn Image

If you're looking for the perfect way to cruise around the bay on a self-guided tour, electric boat rentals are ideal for you! With 1-hour or 2-hour rentals available, you can freely cruise around the bay as your heart desires. Grab your friends, family, some picnic essentials, and enjoy your time on the water. For some of the best views try to book during golden hour or sunset! Additionally, if you are staying at the Estero Inn you can receive 20% off all rentals from Estero Adventures! For more information on electric boat rentals at Estero Adventures, please visit HERE.

Sailing  AdventuresFloating Boats

Have you ever dreamed of sailing on the ocean like a true skipper? Well, now you can live out that sailing dream in Morro Bay. Maya Sailing Adventures offers both full-day and half-day private charter experiences for up to six people. Aboard a beautiful Hans Christian 43 sailboat, you will be able to experience life at sea to the fullest! With views of the harbor, bay, Morro Rock, open waters and so much wildlife, this is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. For more information on this excursion, please visit HERE.

Tiki  Cruise 

Want a guided tour around the bay? Lost Isle's Tiki Cruise is the perfect option for those that want to learn more about local wildlife, the history of the area and so much more. With fun local guides this tour is a great blend of informative history and breathtaking views. This tour is 45 minutes and will give you great views of the rock, sea otters, sea lions, and other local wildlife while also providing insightful information about the one-of-a-kind destination that is Morro Bay. For more information on this tour, please visit HERE.

Dinner  or  Brunch  Cruise

Enjoy a meal on the water with a dinner or brunch cruise with Chablis! This cruise offers a wide variety of options ranging from clam chowder and baked halibut to roasted vegetables and summer greens. This is the perfect option if you're looking to avoid those big crowds during peak meal times and you also want an experience the best views while you dine. In addition to delicious food, these tours also offer refreshments from a full-service bar. Book a private or public cruise with Chablis HERE

Private  Yacht  ChartersToast the Coast Food Image

If your looking for a luxury boat experience, Toast the Coast has you covered. These private boat charters are perfect for a celebration, private fishing, harbor trips, or even "Sip N See" experiences. With a wide variety of options, there are so many ways to experience the bay in luxury. If you're feeling extra luxurious there are even VIP options including, date experiences, bed and breakfast experiences, and even overnight options. With perfectly paired views and beverages, this type of experience will make you want to set sail ASAP. For more information on these luxury experiences, please visit HERE.

Fishing  Trips

Calling all fishers! These fishing trip excursions are perfect for those that want to experience sports fishing without the crowds. This is a full-day experience filled with views, private fishing, and good company. This experience is perfect for a fishing enthusiast's family or group of friends. Or if you prefer to travel solo this is a great option as well. Please note that you will need a fishing license prior to leaving the dock. Equipment may be rented, but many participants do prefer to bring their own gear. For more information on this excursion, please visit HERE.