The 15th Annual City-Wide Yard Sale is a special holiday for yard-sailors all along the coast. During this time, Morro Bay residents put their best junk forward for this 3-day selling and shopping extravaganza. Shoppers will find antique, new, handmade and historic items here unavailable anywhere else.

The most challenging (and most fun) part of the City-Wide Yard Sale is unearthing all the best treasures across town. With so many different sales to see, it is important to have a game plan for the weekend. Check out our tips from local experts:

  1. Pick up a map
    The Yard Sale map will be your guide. The most dedicated shoppers find it useful to divide up the map in 3 sections – one for each day of the sale. Each section should be navigable by foot, as taking your car will be difficult. Goods sell quickly; be sure to head to the best locations first. Maps will be available for pick up at Brenda Sue’s Consignment (248 Morro Bay Blvd) or at the Visitor Center (695 Harbor Street) starting on Thursday, April 5, from 10am-5pm. There also will be a map published in the Bay News on April 5.

  2. Secret sneak-peek
    The map won’t tell you about Thursday, though. It’s the unofficial “sneak peek” preview of the yard sale, where much of the town is setting up their shops. Feel free to drive along the map routes to see what will be for sale over the weekend. This may help you decide where to go first.

  3. Ditch your car for the day
    Taking your car from location to location will slow down your groove. To get the most out of your day, pick a location to leave your car at. Plan to circle back around to that parking spot by the end of the day. Bring a basket, wagon or cart to carry your new treasures in.

  4. Bargains are welcome 
    Everyone likes a good deal, and many of our residents are willing to give it. Don’t be afraid to offer a price for items your heart is set on.  When making an offer, it is best to take your sunglasses off and make eye contact. This will create a more honest and straightforward connection between you and the seller. 

  5. What to bring

  • Yard sale map
  • Public parking and restroom map (available at Visitor Center)
  • Small bills and coins
  • Shopping bag, cart or wagon
  • Measuring tape (if needed)
  • Spring Passport (upon hotel check-in)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water