We all know Morro Bay is known for the freshest and most delicious seafood around, but did you know there is more to Morro Bay than seafood. We’ve compiled a short list of famous Morro Bay foods that range from seafood to delicious plant-based options. We know there are definitely more than seven unique eats throughout town, but here are a few to add to your Morro Bay bucket list.

1. Oysters Oysters

Whether you’re looking to try the BBQ oysters from Tognazzini’s or take some fresh oysters home to have in whatever way your heart desires, the Morro Bay oysters are a must-try. Morro Bay’s unique oyster types, Pacific Gold and Grassy Bar, provide flavors unmatched by any other kind. The Pacific Gold and Grassy Bar oyster variations truly encompass the unique taste of Morro Bay since they are directly influenced by the flowing water’s minerals and sweetness. If you want to try oysters at a local spot you can check out Tognazzini’s, Dorn's Breakers Cafe, or Dutchman’s Seafood House, but almost every seafood spot in town will offer oysters. If you want to take some fresh oysters home, you can check out Morro Bay Oyster Company or Grassy Bar Oyster Co.

2. Tacos Taco Temple Taco- Photo by @thedanikeaton

Tacos are without a doubt a must-try during your next visit to Morro Bay. If you’re looking to stick to the seafood trend, the smoked salmon or killer cod are truly amazing. One of the most iconic spots in Morro Bay to offer tacos is Taco Temple. If you haven’t been yet, you’ll definitely want to visit on your next trip to Morro Bay. If you’re looking to branch out beyond seafood, there are also plenty of variations. The plant-based tempeh tacos from Shine Cafe are also a local and visitor favorite. 

Photo by Dani Keaton

3. Crab  CakesCrab Cake Photo by @galleymorrobay

Morro Bay crab cakes are truly like no other. Dungeness crab is a Morro Bay staple and is especially popular around the holidays. This dish is a Morro Bay classic and so many local restaurants and cafes serve them up in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience, check out the Galley Seafood Bar & Grill. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more casual that still offers the same great flavors, you can visit Great American Fish Co, Dutchman's Seafood House, or Bayside Cafe.

Photo by The Galley Seafood Grill & Bar

4. Vegetable  Spring  Rolls  &  Fresh  SmoothiesShine Cafe Spring Rolls Photo by @thehealthandspirit

For those that are looking for fresh veggies and delicious smoothies, Morro Bay has plenty of options. If you’re craving something fresh and packed with greens, you’ll definitely want to try the famous spring rolls from Shine Cafe. Loaded with vegetables, avocado, and seasonal tempeh, these spring rolls are truly delicious. If you’re looking to add in some more fruits you can also try a smoothie from one of the many local spots. Check out Goddess Goods and Shine Cafe for a variety of options to choose from.

Photo by Brooke @thehealthandspirit

5. The  Best  Burgers  Around Flavor Factory Photo by Hayley Thomas Cain

What list would be complete without a mention of Morro Bay burgers? Home to some of the best burgers on the central coast, Morro Bay is known for its fabulous flavors. From stuffed juicy burgers and pretzel bun burgers to black bean burgers and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. One of the most iconic burger places in town is Flavor Factory. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by you’re definitely missing out. They have everything from unique curated burgers to classic sandwiches and sliders. If you’re craving burgers more than once, you can also check out Wee Shack for more delicious juicy options.

Photo by Hayley Thomas Cain

6. Saltwater  Taffy Photo by carouseltaffymb

We can’t forget about the sweets! Although Morro Bay is known for its delicious food, there are also plenty of places to grab a sweet treat while you’re in town. No trip is complete without a visit to Carousel Taffy to try the famous saltwater taffy. With over 40 different flavors there's bound to be a sweet treat to fit everyone’s taste buds.

Photo by @carouseltaffymb


7. Morning  Buns Morning Bun By Buttercup Bakery & Cafe

Whether you’re looking for a mid-day sweet treat or a pastry to jump-start your day, you’ll definitely want to try the iconic Morro Bay morning buns. If you haven’t ever had a morning bun, here’s what you’re missing out on a light, flaky, buttery pastry topped with cinnamon sugar. Think of it as a hybrid between a croissant and cinnamon roll. One of the most popular places to grab a local morning bun is Buttercup Bakery. Or if you’re looking to branch out you can try Sun-N-Buns Bakery or many local coffee shops offer them too.

Photo by Buttercup Bakery & Cafe

The  Hidden  Kitchen's  Blue  Corn  Waffles Photo By Hidden Kitchen

The Hidden Kitchen serves up the most delicious blue corn waffles and tacos you can find on the Central Coast. Located just 10 mins outside of Morro Bay, you can find the Hidden Kitchen right on the Cayucos shoreline. From breakfast waffles to dessert waffles, there are so many delicious options to try! This is definitely a local and visitor favorite and you won’t regret stopping by if you’re in town.

Photo by The Hidden Kitchen