Bike riding in this county is so splendid that world-class riders seek us out.  On chilly days in the early spring, you might run across any of a dozen professional bike racing teams training on backcountry roads around Morro Bay – riding on Highway 1, Old Creek, Santa Rosa Creek Roads and a training favorite: Huasna Road.    

And when the internationally renowned AMGEN Tour of California cycling road race holds its Stage 4 finish line in Morro Bay on May 15th, you’ll find even more.  Their route includes traveling along Highway 1, which the California legislature designated the Pacific Coast Bike Route.  It has been called a “challenging route that passes some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery.”  

Experience the world class biking from behind your handlebars with the City to Sea Loop.  This route begins and ends in Morro Bay and provides an opportunity to visit nearby cities and to mix and match various segments to tailor the route to suit you!  If you experience any problems during your ride, visit Morro Bay’s The Bike Shop.  Additionally, there are two bike kitchens in close proximity to town – Cambria Bike Kitchen and Bike SLO County’s Bike Kitchen in San Luis Obispo.  

Bike SLO County is currently running bike education at a local Morro Bay school, as well as numerous other programs you can check out here.  They are also the non-profit beneficiary of both the Community Bike Ride and the Pro Cyclists Meet & Greet auction on May 15th at the AMGENTOC Morro Bay finish. 

If events and group trips are more your style, there are numerous organized bike rides that start or pass through Morro Bay.  The Morro Bay Triathlon challenges participants every November with a swim in the bay, bike ride along Highway 1, and a run on Morro Beach.  Additionally, local bike clubs conduct multiple rides a day, and the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club sponsors the Lighthouse Century ride in September.  

Mountain biking is another premier activity in our county.  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a local organization that builds and maintains mountain biking trails in Montaña de Oro and Morro Bay State Parks.  Further outside of Morro Bay, there are also great trails at the Pismo Preserve, the Irish Hills, Cerro Alto, Poly Canyon and Cuesta Ridge east and west of Highway 101, High Mountain Road, Garcia Ridge and the La Panza area east of Pozo.  Local tip: Many of these locations also have great paths for hiking and trail running too. 

Wherever you go in San Luis Obispo County, you will see bicyclists – from Cal Poly’s Wheelmen to SLOBC’s SLO Pokes to brevet riders training for Paris-Brest-Paris – and sometimes a professional racing team.  Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about. #multisporthub

Contributing writer: Red Davis