We have a guest blogger this week: Mia!  She's 10 years old and recently visited Morro Bay with her family.  For her experience, perspective, and recommendations continue reading. 

Morro Bay Through the Eyes of a 10 Year Old
I just got out of the car and saw Morro Bay.  It was a beautiful.  The buildings were so colorful.  In the middle of the road there was a bakery called Sun N Buns that was a beautiful shade of teal.  I love bread and pastries.  I said to my mom, “Can we go to the bakery?” and she replied, “No.”  I answered, “Please can we go after we do everything else,” and she told me, “Fine.”

After a while, we went to this outdoor place where we could rent kayaks and canoes.  IT smelled nice like the ocean.  The bay, where we could use the rentals, was right in front of it.  We rented a three person canoe and then we took off into Morro Bay.

There was a man made concrete platform, off to the right side, in the bay.  There were about 20 brown sea lions on it.  They were all barking mad at each other as they struggled for space to sleep and sunbathe.  One even fell off and splashed in the water.  It was really funny.  You could only go about 5 kayak lengths close to them.  That was the rule.

After looking at the sea lions for a while, we went to an island in the middle of the bay.  The island had a gigantic rock in a huge hold or crater.  We couldn’t’ go close to it though for our safety.  So we picked up a few souvenirs, got off the island, and went back to dock.

There were stinging bugs in the water like in San Diego.  On the way back, we saw two sea lions in the water!  One got so close to our canoe!  It was so cool!  Next, at the dock, I went to a seafood place by the water.  I ate fish and chips and some clam chowder.  The food was full of flavor and variety, but it wasn’t the best seafood I ever had.

The restaurant decorations were amazing.  In the entry there was a cool skeleton made of metal and next to the tables there were some wooden tap shoes from Mexico.  When we finished eating, we walked around a little bit.  We immediately knew we would have to come back to see everything.

Finally, we went to the bakery called Sun N Buns.  It was beautiful and amazing.  My heart was jumping with joy.  I felt like my heart was so excited it burst into confetti!  There were so many desserts to choose form.  My mom was saying, “Hurry up we need to get on the road.”  I was in between a chocolate éclair and a chocolate whipped cream horn.  I said, “Ok, ok.”  I was stressed now, but calm at the same time.

Eventually, I chose the chocolate horn so I answered, “The chocolate horn.”  I knew that wasn’t a complete sentence.  So then I replied, “I want the chocolate horn.”  My mom told me, “Please.”  Then, I got the chocolate horn.  My mom said to wait until I got into the car to eat it.  It felt like an eternity until we got on the road.

Once we got on the road, I devoured that chocolate horn.  It was flaky and crunchy puff pastry filled with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate.  It was the best pastry I ever ate.  I also ate a bite of my mom’s chocolate éclair.

So there I was, driving away from Morro Bay.  I was dreaming of the day I would go back.