It’s one thing to read about a magical destination, and it’s quite another to experience it for yourself. We totally get it! In this post, we’ll be stepping into the wonderful world of Morro Bay, putting you, dear reader, in the driver’s seat as we explore 3 of the top things to do first. POV: we’re getting started!

1. POV: You’re Strolling Along the Embarcadero

As you stroll toward the coastline, you can’t help but admire the verdant greenery that surrounds you. It clashes, in the most beautiful way, against blue-gray skies and sparkling sea. The cries of seagulls grow louder and louder until they’re swooping right above your head. Before you know it, the Embarcadero unveils itself, a lively avenue lined with beachy shops and restaurants that have been passed down through generations.

Now the real fun begins. You can hear the waves lapping at the shore, the boats bobbing gently with the rhythm of the tide. Stacks of kayaks and paddleboards shine in the California sunshine, standing sentinel outside surf and adventure shops that have become proud fixtures of the Bay.

Your stomach grumbles, tempted by the mouthwatering aroma of fresh seafood. When was the last time you had fresh seafood? You can almost taste the salt-rimmed determination of the fishermen and women who hauled it out of the sea that morning.
And now your eyes win the battle of the senses, honing in on the many colorful storefronts up and down The Embarcadero— stores brimming with trinkets and treasures, each one an invitation to step inside and discover something special. Kites that’ll have you surfing the wind in no time. Shells you swear still echo the sounds of the ocean. T-shirts you’ll wear until they’re old and faded. With every step, you realize that The Embarcadero is more than a waterfront stroll; it’s a journey through the heart and soul of Morro Bay.


2. POV: You’re Kayaking the Bay

Now you find yourself sliding into a kayak, tugging the straps of your life jacket to double check that it’s secure. You test your balance as your body settles into the seat, your heart skipping a beat as the vessel leans precariously to one side before settling back with your weight. A paddle finds its way into your hands, and, with a sense of excitement and wonder, you realize that the bay is yours to explore.
Your kayak glides effortlessly through calm, glassy waters. The steady tempo of your paddle slicing through the surface is the only disturbance of your tranquil surroundings. Morro Rock stands tall in the distance, an ancient guardian guiding your journey, and the journeys of countless before you.

Birds are everywhere you look; gracefully floating on the water, soaring through the sky, and standing in flocks on the shore and protected estuary lands. As you navigate the bay’s intricate channels, you notice a small dock where seals bask in the sunlight. Their barks echo across the water— you pretend they’re saying hello. At several points during your journey, sea otters curiously approach your kayak, their fuzzy faces just barely peeking above the water’s surface. You can’t remember the last time you were this close to wildlife in the wild, and the experience makes you smile.


3. POV: You’re Hiking in Morro Bay State Park

Golden hour bathes Black Hill Trail in a warm glowing light. Eucalyptus trees, coastal oaks, sagebrush, and other vibrant flowering shrubs graze the edges of the trail, guiding your way up the 600+ foot volcanic peak. You hear the rustling of squirrels and birds further through the trees, and wonder how many creatures call this place home.

Taking the scenic route was totally the right call. Aside from a few passing greetings from hikers heading down the trail, it’s just you, the steady cadence of your breath, and the crunch of soft earth and leaves as you put one foot in front of the other.

As you ascend, a breathtaking panorama is revealed; on your right, the iconic silhouette of Morro Rock sitting proudly against sea and sky. On your left, an intricate network of rivers and streams etch themselves into the Morro Bay Estuary. You can see everything from up here— a patchwork of the Bay’s most magnificent creations. Try as you might, your phone camera just doesn’t do it justice. You take a seat on a rock overlooking the scene, and you know that this is a view you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Did you feel like you were RIGHT THERE? The logical next step, in our opinion, is to go and experience these fun-filled excursions for real! Click here to start planning your stay.