Robert “Red” Davis is Morro Bay’s bike man, and he has the credentials to back it up:  serving as the Chair of the Morro Bay Citizens bike committee, former President of the SLO Bike Club for eight years, and the founding member of Bike SLO County.  He’s often seen around town in his bike uniform – brightly colored lycra topped with a helmet.  Over the years he has come to know the roads in and around Morro Bay from behind the handlebars.  Here are some of his stories about routes you too can try.  Click on the links for the complete articles.

Ragged Point – 85 miles

“Ragged Point is one of the great treasures of our county.  A small community sits 300 feet above the sea with a 300 degree view up and down the coast.  There is an inn, a small market, Ben and Jerry ice cream, a hamburger grill and a world-class restaurant.  These are seductive goals for enthusiastic bicyclists…”

Central Coast Double Century – 210 miles

“Eighteen bicycle riders labored up the steep hill.  A thousand feet below, Pacific Ocean waves crashed onto the beach.  A thousand feet above, the road disappeared into pine trees.  Sweat dripped off their faces.  Some riders had run out of water.  A car approached.  It stopped to refill empty water bottles.  The driver encouraged the riders.  ‘Only five more miles to the top.’

This was the inaugural Central Coast Double Century (CCD), a 210-mile bicycle ride that starts in Paso Robles, goes through Cambria, up Highway One, then over Nacimiento-Ferguson Road to Fort Hunter Liggett.  After a lunch break, the route continues north almost to King City, then back around Lake San Antonio, up to Bradley, San Miguel and back to Paso Robles…”

The Ride To Hell – 52 miles, climbing 5,000 feet

“My friend (…) had this brilliant idea.  We would start on our bicycles in Morro Bay.  We would ride up Old Creek Road.  We would cross the highway and continue riding on Santa Rosa Creek Road until we got to Cambria.  Then we would turn around and ride back the same way.  And end up where we started, in Morro Bay.  Brilliant!”

Big Sur Surprise – about 130 miles

“It was still dark when we left Ragged Point but early morning sunlight brightened the horizon.  Three of us embarked on a bike tour to Big Sur on Highway 1… It took five hours to ride to Big Sur.  We needed to return to Ragged Point by sunset at 5 pm.  It was 12:30 when we finished eating.  We started back with a sense of urgency that was frustrated by the long climb to Nepenthe…”