We all have one. But, each one is special in their own way. Check out some of the best things to do with your one-of-a-kind dad in Morro Bay:

Fishing Dad

There are many ways Dad can cast his line out. You both can enjoy fishing within the bay waters, or take a fishing charter to find unique fish only found in the depths of the Pacific. To see Morro Bay’s fishing charters and rental stores, click HERE

Hiking and Biking Dad

The adventurous will feel at home within Morro Bay State Park. There are infinite possibilities for wandering, trekking and trailing in this pristine sanctuary. Black Hill Trail hosts a popular vantage point with a 360 degree view of Estero Bay. The trail begins at the end of the Morro Bay Golf Course driveway, at the top of the hill. For more information about Black Hill, click HERE.

To see more trails, check out the Morro Bay Bike Map HERE.  

Tasting Dad  

Morro Bay is a hub for refreshing brews and wines, with several tasting rooms, pubs and bars to enjoy them at. Sample and sip some of the town’s finest creations. He is sure to find a new favorite. To see a list of our drink options, click HERE.  

Water Dog Dad  

Not all dads are lucky enough to live close by Estero Bay, let alone the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Let him take advantage of the calm tides and enjoy one of his favorite water sports. Whether he’s into paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, or snorkeling, all possibilities are at his disposal.  Click HERE to see more ideas.  

Hungry Dad

This type of dad is perhaps the most common yet is easily satiated, especially with so many delicious dish options available in Morro Bay’s restaurants and cafes. Our fishing village prides itself for cooking the best seafood many will ever try. Click HERE to see a list of our restaurants.