1. Sunshine

The sun is a natural mood booster.  It is an excellent source of Vitamin D which greatly influences serotonin levels in the body.  And as much of the population finds themselves Vitamin D deficient, it can be especially beneficial to spend time in the sun during the winter months.

2. Salt Water

If you ever had that feeling of being cleansed by the ocean after a dip you’ll know that the salt water can be rejuvenating.  It also reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system  and acts as a natural antiseptic – keeping us clean. 

3. Sand

From sandcastles to dunes, the sand offers a great playground and acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin.  Morro Bay has over 6 miles of sand for your enjoyment!

4. Reduced Stress

Taking a trip to the beach forces you to unplug from everyday life and its everyday pressures.  The blue from the water and the sky along with the crashing waves have a natural soothing effect on the body.

5. Beach Activities

There are numerous ways to stay entertained and active at the beach.  Weather you take a jog along the sand or a paddle in the water, the beach is a great place to get outside and get moving.  You can bring your own gear or rent it while you visit.

6. Better Sleep –

Spend the day at the beach, come back to the hotel room to clean up and then head out on the town for a delicious dinner.  You’re guaranteed an early night as soon as your head hits the pillow while listening to the evening sounds of wind sweeping over the waves and sea lions murmuring.  No need to bring a sound machine here, just crack the window in your room.

7. Fresh Seafood

High in Omega-3s and antioxidants seafood is a great addition to your diet.  But the best part about getting seafood at the beach is the freshness!  Oysters alone are great for brain function, eye health, immunity boosting, improved mood and heart health.  Morro Bay is one of the last working waterfronts in California where you’ll be able to enjoy sustainably caught wild fish right from our waters…something you wont want to miss.

8. Sunsets

Not all sunsets are created equal.  There is something so magical about watching the sun fall behind a horizon of endless water and waiting for the green flash.  Throw Morro Rock in the mix and you’re in for quite the show.   Check out our Chasing Sunsets blog for specific location ideas.

9. Morro Bay beaches

With seven distinct beaches, you sure to find your perfect beach in Morro Bay:

Morro Beach

Sprawling from the base of Morro Rock to the north, Morro Beach is perfect for playing, shelling, surfing, or relaxing.  Connected to Morro Strand and North Point Beach, you can enjoy walking over five miles of uninterrupted sandy coastline.  And with ample parking, public restrooms, and showers onsite, it’s the perfect place to bring the beach chairs, umbrellas, and beach toys for an entire day of fun in the sand.  

Morro Bay State Park

The northeast bay offers a different kind of beach experience.  Morro Bay State Park Beach is rustic, natural spot calling for exploration and wildlife viewing. 

Morro Strand State Beach

Just two miles north of Morro Rock is a sandy paradise where you can explore the dunes while you listen to the waves crash onto the beach.  Sorry, no dogs are allowed on this portion of the beach. 

North Point Beach

This is the perfect spot to explore the tide pools and their creatures at low tide.

Sandspit Beach

As the most secluded beach in the area, there is only one way to access the Sandspit: by water.  Paddleboard, kayak, canoe, or boat over, and you’ll likely have the place to yourself…aside from the birds.  South of Morro Rock, the Sandspit isn’t far away from the action, but it feels like an escape

Toro Creek Beach

Toro Creek is the ideal off leash dog beach, with plenty of room to let your furry friend run off some energy.  If you are staying in the area and don’t want to bring the sand back to your hotel, stop at the self-serve dog washing station at Lemos on your way back into town. 

Coleman Park & Beach

This is a protected beach on the bay.  It is the perfect place to launch non-motorized vessels (such as Stand Up Paddleboards or Kayaks) with plenty of free parking and places for guests to watch with a view of Morro Rock as a backdrop.

10. No Crowds

When you think of spending time at the beach you probably think about summer, but spring is the perfect time to beat the summer crowds and enjoy our beautiful spring weather.  Stay April – May at any Morro Bay hotel and receive our Spring Savings Booklet with over $150 in offers.  Book your room today!